Vista Computing & Designs
Established in 2001, Vista Computing and Designs has been
creating and maintaining websites and helping the community with
their computer issues.
Whether you are a small business, a family or
an individual in need of computing or website assistance, Vista
Designs is here to help you. We provide a range of services from
Web Hosting, Website design and implementation, Networking, PC
repair , Troubleshooting and Consulting services.

We understand that when your website is unavailable or computer is
not working it can be frustrating or possibly cost you valuable

Want an online business card?
We’ll send someone out to assess your needs and get you up and
running in no time.

Computer not working, too slow?
These days just surfing the internet can cause all types of problems.  
We'll remove all malware and viruses and help you to protect your
computer from future infections.

Vista Designs can help you with these and many other website
related issues.  Call us at (707) 431-8856 or send us an
email for help or more information.  We look forward to working with